The Days and Nights of House Corinthyen

Reflections in an Oasis - 1

From Pauper to... well...

From the Journal of Mattyw Lews

I woke up this morning for the first time in years, in a comfortable bed. … I must amend that. The first time I woke up in a comfortable bed that belonged to me. …come to think of it, my old best wasn’t all that comfortable. Not like this.

I’ve managed to somehow convince Lord Corinthyen that I’ve got some worth. My father’d be livid if he knew. The man is convinced that I am worth less than a broken sandnag. Wishes I didn’t have his name, that I was a Sand. He said so, and I still hear it when I go to sleep.

So I woke up this morning and tripped on my way to flee out the door in sheer terror. Almost landed on my theorbo. It wasn’t until I realized what had happened that I burst out laughing. There was a maid passing through the hall, and she gave me the oddest look, me, laying there, tangled up in a sheet, laughing. There have been worse mornings.

After breaking my fast with food that wasn’t stolen, I saw the maid again, but she would not meet my gaze, and went out of her way to avoid me. I believe she thinks me mad.

I don’t blame her.

This much good fortune just doesn’t happen. Maybe I have gone mad.

If the food is this good, though, I don’t really mind.


JonathonVolkmer JonathonVolkmer

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