• Errik Corinthyen

    Errik Corinthyen

    The second son of House Corinthyen
  • Giselle Montkillier

    Giselle Montkillier

    A blonde-haired, green-eyed beauty with a powerful prescence which doesn't significantly diminish even on the rare occasions that she's not at Lord Corinthyen's side
  • Mattyw Lews

    Mattyw Lews

    A smooth talking singer with a penchant for falling into trouble...
  • Onri Doryc

    Onri Doryc

    Heir to the Doryc household, a crafty swashbuckler and man of adventure.
  • Aengus Corinthyen

    Aengus Corinthyen

    The heir to House Corinthyen, Aengus is practically mute, and many people think him simple. Nonetheless, the boy is a deadly fighter and seems to excel in other areas, too.
  • Alexia Thracyen

    Alexia Thracyen

    A stunningly beautiful young woman, with soft brown eyes and hair the color of warm honey.
  • Blake Carver

    Blake Carver

    House Corinthyen's blacksmith is full of bluster and brag.
  • Captain Simonem, of Sunspear

    Captain Simonem, of Sunspear

    A guard in the service of House Martell, Simonem mans the threefold gate on the second shift rotation.
  • Cicely Lews

    Cicely Lews

    A young lady in the service of the Lakethorn, and Mattyw Lews younger sister.
  • Colin Moleskin

    Colin Moleskin

    Son of Dag and Meg, he works as a stableboy at Dag's Inn. He's friendly, but a bit excitable.
  • Dag Moleskin

    Dag Moleskin

    The owner and proprietor of Dag's Inn, a comfortable inn and tavern dug into the side of a hill along the [[Sand Saddle Way]].
  • Daro


    A young orphan boy, the son of a former servant of House Thracyen, who claims Areon Grael is his father.
  • Darrin Marque, of Thracyen

    Darrin Marque, of Thracyen

    The Steward of House Thracyen
  • Donwald Claviger

    Donwald Claviger

    A scion of [[House Claviger]], Donwald is of average height, a dark-haired, dark-skinned man, and not without honor.
  • Doran Equerry

    Doran Equerry

    House Corinthyen's Master-of-Horse is whip-thin and dark of hair, with always a gentle pat for his animals and a rough hand for those who cross him.
  • Guardsman Hallad, Sunspear

    Guardsman Hallad, Sunspear

    A guard in the service of House Martell, working on the Threefold gate's second shift rotation.
  • Guardsman Mick, Sunspear

    Guardsman Mick, Sunspear

    A guard in the service of House Martell, working on the Threefold gate's second shift rotation.
  • Heward Burns

    Heward Burns

    House Corinthyen's Master of Kitchens is a barrel-girthed man, red-faced from long labor in the heat of the kitchen. He is known by the young ones for his pastries, and by most others for his quiet, simple wisdom.
  • Janeria Corinthyen

    Janeria Corinthyen

    Younger than her sister by only a few minutes, Janeria could hardly be more different. She is a rough and tumble tomboy, better suited to riding and hunting than dances and gossip.
  • Janessa Corinthyen

    Janessa Corinthyen

    Already a fine young lady at the age of 12, Janessa Corinthyen clearly takes after her mother in all the ways that count.
  • Junden, Master Bowyer of House Thracyen

    Junden, Master Bowyer of House Thracyen

    House Thracyen's longbowmen are well-known in Central Dorne, and the House's master bowyer is only slightly less well-known.
  • Lady Edana Corinthyen

    Lady Edana Corinthyen

    The Lady of House Corinthyen, Edana seems to carry a great deal of anger beneath her outward calm.
  • Lady Verta Thracyen

    Lady Verta Thracyen

    A cunning old woman who has earned her noble rank through meritorious service and devout faith.
  • Lady Ysabel Doryc

    Lady Ysabel Doryc

    Lord Doryc's wife, a kind, jovial woman much loved by the common folk.
  • Largo Heket, Bravosi Sailor

    Largo Heket, Bravosi Sailor

    A sailor and lush in Sunspear, who kows a thing or two worth knowing.
  • Lord Aelius Corinthyen

    Lord Aelius Corinthyen

    The Lord of House Corinthyen is haunted by his past misdeeds and the failings of his aging mind.
  • Lord Aerin Doryc

    Lord Aerin Doryc

    An old seadog at heart, loyal, honest, and much-loved by his people.
  • Lyle Brewer

    Lyle Brewer

    Proprietor of the Greentree Inn, in Sunspear.
  • Maester Lagorio

    Maester Lagorio

    The Maester of House Corinthyen is surprisingly young to have attained the post. He is a talented healer and botanist, and is known for his gentle manner and easy smile.
  • Maiyo Vierro

    Maiyo Vierro

    A Braavosi spice merchant.
  • Mara Chaser

    Mara Chaser

    Only in Dorne can one find a Hunt Mistress like Mara Chaser - both beautiful and deadly.
  • Marita Dannet

    Marita Dannet

    Youngest child of House Dannet, half-jokingly named, "The Black Widow of the Brimstone," because she is twice-widowed.
  • Miss Kestrel

    Miss Kestrel

    The Madam of the Jade Springs, a fairly high-class brothel in Sunspear.
  • Naton Dannet

    Naton Dannet

    Eldest child of House Dannet, Naton has a fierce reputation on the field and in the alehouse. He is even better known for his brag and bluster.
  • Nola Thracyen

    Nola Thracyen

    Alexia's 15-year-old cousin through marriage, who has an infant child.
  • Orten Dannet

    Orten Dannet

    The son of a minor banner lord of Hellholt, who hails from the mouth of the Brimstone River.
  • Otto Purser

    Otto Purser

    The steward of House Corinthyen, Otto Purser is a bitter, aging eunuch whose whole life has been dedicated to the acquisition of money on behalf of other people.
  • Rog Thanders

    Rog Thanders

    A wandering tinker, well-spoken and a bit fond of his own voice.
  • Ronson Claviger

    Ronson Claviger

    A scion of [[House Claviger]], Ronson is swarthy, short, and broad-shouldered, with a face like a cudgel.
  • Ser Alexandre Thracyen

    Ser Alexandre Thracyen

    Heir-apparent to House Thracyen these last 30-some years, Ser Alexandre's polite exterior can only briefly conceal his often black moods.
  • Ser Anders

    Ser Anders

    An outlaw knight, guilty of murdering, thieving, raping, and who knows what else.
  • Ser Brindon Lews

    Ser Brindon Lews

    A Knight Sergeant in the service of Ser Chalcy, and Mattyw Lews eldest brother.
  • Ser Errol Lews

    Ser Errol Lews

    A Knight in the service of Ser Chalcy, and Mattyw Lews second-eldest brother.
  • Ser Jaramy Chalcy

    Ser Jaramy Chalcy

    A brash young knight.
  • Ser Tygor Wyl

    Ser Tygor Wyl

    A hedge knight in Sunspear for the tourney.
  • The Fox Knight

    The Fox Knight

    A mysterious bandit knight currently plaguing central [[Dorne]].
  • Thomas Smyter

    Thomas Smyter

    A Weaponsmith in Sunspear with a pregnant daughter named Almera.
  • Wendel Wirth

    Wendel Wirth

    The innkeep of the Sand Castle Inn, halfway between Skycrest and Liberty Hall along the Sand Saddle Way.