Aengus Corinthyen

The heir to House Corinthyen, Aengus is practically mute, and many people think him simple. Nonetheless, the boy is a deadly fighter and seems to excel in other areas, too.


Aengus Corinthyen, 19, is heir to House Corinthyen and all its lands and incomes and the rights attached therein. If he could be less well-suited for the job, it’s hard for his father to imagine. The boy almost never speaks, and when he does it’s in a halting whisper, with his eyes turned aside like he’s frightened. He often doesn’t answer questions, if he understands them at all, and seems to have no grasp of social interaction whatsoever.

In fact, one marriage contract involving him has already been broken off because he neither looked at nor spoke to the girl the entire week that her family was visiting. After one last tearful night, the girl’s mother prevailed on her father at last and they left in a huff, declaring, “We’ll not marry our daughter to a simpleton!” The whispered repetition of those words, coupled with the boy’s shy mannerisms, has left many people in doubt as to the House’s succession. Aengus does, however, show two points of promise.

The first, which has long kept anyone from criticizing him in person (except for his father), is his natural talent for combat. At 19, Aengus is already gaining fame as a deadly spear-fighter, and he routinely spars against multiple opponents. Aside from his time in the yard, he can most often be found endlessly honing the points of his spears, engaging in a complicated ritual of washing (every step must be perfect, or he does it again), or studying with Maester Lagorio.

In fact, it is the Maester who most openly recognizes Aengus’ other great talent. To the best of his ability to discover so far, Aengus’ memory is nearly perfect. Rather than use those memories to communicate however, he seems to associate them instead with physical actions and repetitive rituals.

Aengus Corinthyen

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