Doran Equerry

House Corinthyen's Master-of-Horse is whip-thin and dark of hair, with always a gentle pat for his animals and a rough hand for those who cross him.


Doran Equerry is the terror of the stable boys – and some of the maids as well, if you listen to the talk. Dark-haired, thin, and somewhat short, the Master-of-Horse is nonetheless an athletic man, and stronger than he looks. He seems to like his horses better than he does most people, and he never shies from threatening all manner of suffering to a stable boy who fails to complete his chores. Even among his betters he can manage little more than vague insolence, and he’s known to get more than a little bawdy when he’s in his cups.

That said, he is very good at his job, and the stables of House Corinthyen are run with a tight discipline which Lord Aelius appreciates.

Doran Equerry

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