Heward Burns

House Corinthyen's Master of Kitchens is a barrel-girthed man, red-faced from long labor in the heat of the kitchen. He is known by the young ones for his pastries, and by most others for his quiet, simple wisdom.


Wide of chest and and belly, both, Heward Burns is a well-liked man, both kind and generous. It’s a little-kept secret that he always prepares extra treats to give to the children between mealtimes, and even the elder members of the household have been known to pass through the kitchens for a small bite and a private talk. Burns hands out pastries and advice freely, and even his silence seems to lead those around him to find their own answers.


Heward Burns, like many members of the young Corinthyen household, is not native to Dorne. He is a Northman, who journeyed south in his youth as a kitchen servant along with a young noble girl. The girl was wed to a Dornishman to cement certain trade relations, and Heward Burns has been hear ever since. Although he still remembers the many dishes of his homeland with great fondness, he has acquired a taste for the spicier Dornish fare and is a skilled hand at its preparation.

Heward Burns

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