Janeria Corinthyen

Younger than her sister by only a few minutes, Janeria could hardly be more different. She is a rough and tumble tomboy, better suited to riding and hunting than dances and gossip.


Janeria is not deaf to her mother’s lessons, she’s just not very interested. She prefers archery to sewing and swordplay to dancing, and never turns away from the opportunity to go riding through the mountains or down to the Farstrider plains. She loves rubbing shoulders with the smallfolk and is well-known in Ridgewood.

Janeria is also quite mischievous and known for playing elaborate pranks, although most people suspect that her sister Janessa is the real planner of their games. Janeria hardly seems to have the patience for it.

Janeria has an identical twin sister named Janessa. Although the two of them are very different, they remain thick as thieves. Whenever Janeria gets into trouble – which is often – Janessa is there to get her out of it again.

The twins are also close friends with Alexia Thracyen, despite the difference in their ages.


Janeria is a 12-year old daughter of House Corinthyen. She has never been more than a few days away from Skycrest, but hungers to see the world.

Photo by Enkeli-Stocks, altered by Katrina Schultz.

Janeria Corinthyen

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