Janessa Corinthyen

Already a fine young lady at the age of 12, Janessa Corinthyen clearly takes after her mother in all the ways that count.


Janessa may be young and inexperienced in the ways of the world, but that hasn’t stopped her from becoming her mother‘s most apt pupil in the ways of a highborn lady. If she continues to advance in grace and courtesy as she has so far, she’ll soon be the talk of the courts.

Janessa has an identical twin sister named Janeria. Although the two of them are very different, they are thick as thieves. Whenever Janeria gets into trouble – which is often – Janessa is there to get her out of it again.

The twins are also close friends with Alexia Thracyen, despite the difference in their ages.


Janessa is a 12-year old daughter of House Corinthyen. She has never been more than a few days away from Skycrest, but longs to visit the great courts of Sunspear and King’s Landing.

Photo by Enkeli-Stocks, altered by Katrina Schultz.

Janessa Corinthyen

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