Lady Edana Corinthyen

The Lady of House Corinthyen, Edana seems to carry a great deal of anger beneath her outward calm.


Upon first meeting, Lady Edana Corinthyen seems to be sweetness and grace incarnate, but a careful observer soon learns that iron determination and dangerous passions are hidden beneath her smile. In the end, most people find it easier to give in to her desires rather than suffer an endless barrage of subtle hints, casual comments, disdainful whispers, and sniffs of disappointment.


Lady Edana Corinthyen was born the third daughter of House Yronwood, and marrying into House Corinthyen was a definite step down for her. Nonetheless, she decided that she loved the young Lord Aelius Corinthyen, and if there’s one thing to remember about Lady Edana, it’s that she always gets what she wants.

Unfortunately, the price of her love was a severe falling out with her lord father, who had hoped to marry her up rather than down. She has not spoken to her father in nearly 15 years, but she does keep in touch with her siblings, and values any news of her former House. The lost connection to her parents haunts her, and she is still angry at her father for failing to support her decision.

A gorgeous woman, her beauty virtually untouched by age, the Lady Edana is very active in her husbands lordship, and seeks constantly to reinforce his reputation and authority. She is legendary in local social circles, and her natural talent for the various womanly graces is well-known. She has had many students over the years, young girls sent to foster at the house for a time by lesser houses, and she prides herself on being able to teach anyone.

Edana disdains violence and threats, preferring to turn enemies into loyal friends. She enjoys being waited on hand and foot, and takes every opportunity she can to enjoy the benefits of her station without rubbing it in anyone’s face.

Recently, the Lady gave birth to a third son – strangely, however, she seems more unhappy than ever, and often leaves the child in the care of a nursemaid. There are rumors that the child may suffer from some mental defect, possibly the same one that Aengus Corinthyen is believed to have.

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Lady Edana Corinthyen

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