Lady Verta Thracyen

A cunning old woman who has earned her noble rank through meritorious service and devout faith.


Although Lady Thracyen’s body is failing, her mind is sharper than ever. Smallfolk in their cups call her The Heir-Hawker, and say that nary a merchant, courtier, or noble lord or lady has entered her hall on some other errand but leaves with an agreement to marry off one of her many children and grandchildren.

In truth, she is a fearsome negotiator, and many nobles and courtiers prefer to use House Thracyen’s low status to force her to send an envoy, rather than face her directly.


Lady Verta Thracyen was born to an impoverished noble house, and taken as a ward by the Corinthyen’s former liegelord. Thanks to her ample social and leadership skills, Lady Thracyen was appointed to the stewardship of their lands from a young age and has only grown more adept in the years since. She was also a great friend to the Corinthyen brothers during their rise to power, and gained her own lands by way of thanks for her efforts on their behalf. Her archers are some of the best-trained in Dorne; any foe who attempts to climb the cliffs to Liberty Hall must be either very brave or very foolish.

Lady Verta is pious and generous with the Faith of the Seven, and she does not tolerate blasphemy, disrespect, or the discussion of other faiths in her Hall. She firmly believes that the gods have rewarded her hard work and faith, and intends to see that her descendants have the same values. She is a firm, strict matriarch, and runs her house with discipline and dexterity. The hand of her rule may wear a silk glove, but there is iron underneath.

The Lady’s body shows her age where her mind does not, and she is hardly able to move about without assistance anymore. A fall last year shattered her left hip, and it has never healed properly, leaving her with a pronounced limp when she does not have her cane handy. Mentally, however, she is as agile as ever, and her long experience with intrigues makes her a powerful ally and a dangerous foe.

Lady Verta Thracyen

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