Lady Ysabel Doryc

Lord Doryc's wife, a kind, jovial woman much loved by the common folk.


A middle-aged woman with a lean build. Her black hair has a streak of grey, and her face shows faint wrinkles from laughter and mirth, but she still retains much of her beauty. She is warm and friendly to nearly everyone she meets, regardless of their birth or standing. She frequently visits Surehaven, giving coin to the destitute, visiting the families of lost sailors, or even welcoming whatever trade ship may have docked at port. She is a gracious and welcoming host, but lacks the high refinement of a lady born into nobility. Nevertheless, she is beloved by the commoners, and many sailors consider a wave or kind word from the “Lady of Surehaven” to be a good omen.


Lady Ysabel was born aboard one of the painted boats of the Greenblood Orphans. She grew up among the orphans, where she became known as “the Maid of the Greenblood” for her beauty. She met then Ser Doryc while he was traveling with his liegelord along the Vaith. The two quickly became infatuated with each other, and married shortly before Aerin Doryc was granted a lordship for his service.

Ysabel devoted herself to helping manage her husband’s new holdings while he was out at sea. She followed her husband’s lead on administration, and her fairness and compassion made her as loved among the smallfolk as Lord Doryc.

During the founding of House Corinthyen and Halperin’s increasingly cruel regency, Ysabel feared that the sadistic lord would use her family and people as pawns in his schemes, to be eventually discarded. As such, she spent most of her efforts trying to keep House Doryc beneath the notice of Halperin. After Aelius took over House Corinthyen, Ysabel’s distrust has slowly waned, eventually becoming assured that the death of Halperin and the aging of Aelius has removed the threat.

Lady Ysabel Doryc

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