Lord Aelius Corinthyen

The Lord of House Corinthyen is haunted by his past misdeeds and the failings of his aging mind.


Lord Corinthyen is a fairly skilled politician and has attained considerably greater influence than his relatively low birth (second son of a sworn sword to a minor lordling) would normally allow. Much of this stems from his untouchable poise and well-bred manner, and if his mind is indeed failing, House Corinthyen may be in for turbulent times.


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Lord Corinthyen helped to found this young house, plotting deviously with his elder brother to seize power and claw their way up the ranks. Feelings of doubt and guilt eventually got the better of him, however, as did his disgust with his brother’s increasingly cruel sense of pleasure.

Now an old man, he is haunted by his memories of the past and often stars off into space, seemingly unaware of his surroundings. Rumors crop up here and there that his mind is going, and he struggles to squash them and do his duty to House and family. Despite his best efforts, however, the rumors continue.

Whatever his recent failings, Lord Aelius is still a capable leader, intelligent and well-schooled in the game of thrones. It was his organizational and planning skills that brought his elder brother’s dream of power to fruition, and his knowledge of the courts and impeccable social grace that solidified their hold.

He was never more than a passable warrior, and preferred to leave the fighting to the firstborn and the lowborn, but his years of experience have taught him the value of more than passable skill with a blade, and he intends to see his own sons well-trained.

Lord Aelius Corinthyen

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