Lord Aerin Doryc

An old seadog at heart, loyal, honest, and much-loved by his people.


Lord Aerin cuts a grandfatherly figure with his balding head, gray beard, and gruff laughter. He is well-liked by everyone under his authority, and strives to serve as a just and fair leader. Even those who earn his ire seldom hold it against him, such is his charisma among the smallfolk.

If he is less well-loved among the nobility, it stems mostly from his single great fault: the man is incapable of telling a lie, and cannot abide secrets or subterfuge.

Lord Aerin’s greatest assets, as is not uncommon among minor banner lords, lie in his combat skills. Aside from a his reputation as a fearsome commander and leader of men, he is trained in the fencing style of combat favored among sailors, and speaks more than a few languages as well.


Vencarlo by n jooAerin Doryc is a salty old seadog and a second generation Lord. His father was once merely a ship’s captain, and was knighted for service to his Lord. Aerin’s own sincerity and generosity, not to mention his skill as a captain, allowed him to raise his family higher. When a pirate fleet was raiding up and down the coast, then-Ser Doryc sailed out – despite being heavily outnumbered – to meet them in battle while his smallfolk were sheltered in his tower. He defeated the pirates and earned the favor of his people, his liegelord’s gratitude, and a Lordship.

He was out to sea when his former liege-lord was usurped by House Corinthyen, and while the story never sat entirely right with him, he abides by the judgment of Sunspear. In the years since, he has proven himself a loyal and capable vassal. He is a sturdy soldier and a truly talented commander on both land and sea.

Over the last decade, Lord Doryc has grown particularly close to Ser Jaramy of House Chalcy, whom he regards as a sort of surrogate son. He looks out for the young knight when he can, and offers his counsel readily.

Lord Aerin Doryc

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