Maester Lagorio

The Maester of House Corinthyen is surprisingly young to have attained the post. He is a talented healer and botanist, and is known for his gentle manner and easy smile.


7. darius finchMaester Saavio Lagorio is only 28 years old, young even for the Maester of a minor noble house – and he took service with them at 23. Nonetheless, he is quite capable in all respects – most especially in the area of healing, on the basis of which he came highly recommended by the Citadel. He joined the household 5 years ago at the behest of Lord Corinthyen, who had become convinced that Aengus’ shyness was the result of some medical affliction.

Unfortunately, he has been unable to cure the the boy of his affliction, and believes the cause to me more mental than physical. When he told Lord Corinthyen that the boy might never develop any more fully than he has, Aelius flew into a rage and reportedly struck the young Maester several times. Since then, the two men have avoided dealing with each other except in public settings, and even then their exchanges are cool and to the point.

Maester Lagorio claims to be the son of two Braavosi immigrants to Oldtown, and he speaks a little of his parent’s native tongue, although he’s not completely fluent. He says he was selected for this assignment because the old men at the Citadel couldn’t bear the sight of a man who was younger, handsomer, and more intelligent.

Rumor has it that he was imprudent enough to correct one of his superiors during a class – and that he had the audacity to be right, too! Other rumors suggest that the young Maester may not be as committed to his vows – particularly the vow of chastity – as a Maester ought to be. It must certainly be admitted that the man is charming, witty, and exotic. His warm manner, combined, no doubt, with his talent as a healer, has made him almost universally well-liked.

Maester Lagorio

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