Mara Chaser

Only in Dorne can one find a Hunt Mistress like Mara Chaser - both beautiful and deadly.


The Hunt-Mistress and Kennelmaster of House Corinthyen is unmatched in the region when it comes to tracking and killing prey in either desert or mountains, and she looks good doing it, too. Unfortunately, she seems to have few other interests, so unless one is prepared to discuss the finer points of hawking, or the value of a longbow versus a standard hunting bow, it may be wise to seek conversation elsewhere.

Mara Chaser is a black-haired, dark-skinned beauty, and seems to be an exquisite picture of the Rhoynar bloodlines. However, she claims to be from somewhere north of The Reach – the story is that her family died during a skirmish between two noble houses and she migrated south to get away from it all. While Lady Edana has publicly confirmed this when questioned, most people suspect that something more is going on.

Mara Chaser

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