Onri Doryc

Heir to the Doryc household, a crafty swashbuckler and man of adventure.


A confident, lean man who moves with a noticeable grace. He has the black hair and olive skin common to the Rhoynish, although he wears his hair shorter than most Salty Dornishmen. His dark eyes always seem to look upon others like a valued prize. He wears the smirk of a man who knows a secret. He carries a Braavosi blade and left-handed dagger on his belt reversed, earning him the nickname “the Mirror.”


Onri was born in 128, alive but too young to remember the Dance of Dragons and much of the founding of House Corinthyen. Barring some misfortune, Onri will be the first generation within House Doryc to have been born into landed nobility. As such, Lord and Lady Doryc took measures to prepare Onri for the role he must one day fulfill. Growing up, he studied a variety of subjects, from languages to history to warfare. Onri also extensively studied fencing with an eye to future battles on the sea.

He spent his free time around the ships and sailors of House Doryc’s navy. The boy was well-liked among the crews, both because he was their beloved Lord’s son and the speed at which he quickly imitated and mastered all the feats of grace and athleticism which the sailors entertained themselves with. The only time he faltered was when the sailors attempted to teach the lad to pick pockets. The otherwise nimble Onri seemed to lose all of his deftness, causing a sailor to famously remark “the honor is in his blood.”

When Onri approached majority, Lord Doryc took his son along on his forays against the pirates that menaced the coast. Onri proved both his talent as a fencer and courage in battle, leading several boarding parties to bring the fight to the enemy. After one such encounter, Lord Doryc commissioned House Corinthyen’s weaponsmith to forge a Braavosi blade and left-handed dagger, reversed for a left-handed fencer. The craftsman made the blades, expertly balanced but devoid of any gilding or jewels. Lord Doryc presented the pair to Onri, stating that the blades would be decorated with Onri’s glory.

Despite their similarities, it is obvious that the Lord and his son have difficulties with each other. It is rumored that the Lord is concerned that his son is too ambitious, and too comfortable with deception. It is also said that Onri feels his father is a good lord whose high honor is used against him. This estrangement is exacerbated by the close relationship between Lord Doryc and Ser Jaramy. It is no secret that Onri views Jaramy as a rival for his father’s respect, and usually has some small, cutting remark about any difficulty that House Chalcy suffers.

Recently, Onri has been beyond the Narrow Sea, traveling to distant ports. He is collecting information on the far flung locales, looking for trade opportunities and collecting news of relevance to the maritime interests of Houses Corinthyen and Doryc.

Onri Doryc

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