Otto Purser

The steward of House Corinthyen, Otto Purser is a bitter, aging eunuch whose whole life has been dedicated to the acquisition of money on behalf of other people.


Now in his mid-sixties, Otto Purser’s raw cunning and natural instincts for turning one piece of gold into two have been tempered and sharpened by long experience. He has served under several prominent merchants and minor lords during his life – in a strong of awful luck, however, every single one has either died suddenly or experienced some singular misfortune and left Otto destitute and in need of work. A few even ignored his advice and then blamed him when their fortunes dwindled, putting black marks on his career and preventing any serious advancement.

All that said, however, he is entirely capable and Lord Aelius is wise enough to listen to his advice.

Unfortunately for him, he has oft been the target of pranks by Janessa and Janeria, and his generally poor temper keeps anyone from taking his complaints too seriously. After all, how much trouble can a couple of young girls really be?

Otto Purser

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