Ser Alexandre Thracyen

Heir-apparent to House Thracyen these last 30-some years, Ser Alexandre's polite exterior can only briefly conceal his often black moods.


Ser Alexandre Thracyen is tall and fair-skinned, with the honeyed hair and hazel eyes so typical of his family. He is a strong man, well-muscled but not over-large, and widely considered quite handsome, despite that he will soon be forty.

Ser Alexandre is well known to be a skilled archer, and he wields a Dragon bone bow called “Justice,” an heirloom of House Thracyen.


Ser Alexandre Thracyen is well-known for his foul temper, which is often attributed, especially in whispers or drunken laughs, to his Lady Mother’s long life. At the current rate, he may well not inherit until he himself is as feeble-bodied as she is now, and he seems to know it. In the meantime, he acts as Lady Verta’s primary envoy, a task to which he is well-trained, if not well-suited.

He has only a single child, Alexia, currently a ward of House Corinthyen, and is a widower, his wife having died several years ago attempting to give birth to their second child. Neither survived, and Alexandre has never remarried. He does, however, keep a concubine. She attends him at almost all times, even some where it might be inappropriate.

Ser Alexandre Thracyen

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