Ser Jaramy Chalcy

A brash young knight.


Ser Jaramy is rather naive, believing that the ideals upheld by Lord Doryc are universally held, and sees himself as a true knight dedicated to the service of all that is just and good. His naivete makes him an easy target for cunning courtiers, but his distance from the great courts and Lord Doryc’s stern counsel have thus far protected him from any great folly.

Ser Jaramy is fairly handy in a fight, if less talented than he might fancy, and has trained with a variety of weapons. He loves to take part in tourneys and hunts, and prefers to fight from horseback when given the option.


Ser Jaramy is a a bit of a starry-eyed young man, a new-made knight who earned his spurs battling pirates under the command of Lord Doryc. His extended family – what little remains of it – has a long history, although his particular branch is quite young and not particularly influential.

House Chalcidy once held many of the lands now held by Corinthyen, but dishonor and a shortage of heirs slowly brought them to ruin. All that now remains is House Chalcy, a lesser branch that traces its heritage through the second eldest daughter of the last Lord Chalcidy, dead these last 50 years.

The Chalcys have been landed knights for three generations, counting Jaramy, and are now serving House Corinthyen for the second. Ser Jaramy’s mother had little time for raising him, and he was often looked on as a ward of the court. Small wonder, then, that he settled on the affably noble Lord Doryc as a father-figure; the two have been close since Jaramy’s youth, and often unite their forces when either is threatened.

Ser Jaramy Chalcy

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