The Days and Nights of House Corinthyen

The Prince's Tourney: Errik, Night One
In which Errik follows his nose, wherever it goes.

{This section picks up from when Errik receives the ruby ring from Rog Thanders.}

The ring feels slightly heavy and faintly warm in Errik’s hand. The scents (and odors) of the nearby market stalls are strong and many, but he catches a sudden and powerful whiff of cinnamon and…something else. He can’t place it.

The Prince's Tourney: Mattyw, Night One
In which Mattyw goes clubbing, and puts his skills to use.

Mattyw’s performance at the Jade Spring is well-received by the crowd, and he finds a great many coins dropped into his hat, adding up in total to 5 silver stags. {Mummer: Persuasion, 27, Success x4, 1d6+3 SS}

After a half dozen songs and a full flagon of wine, Miss Kestrel’s tongue has been quite loosened, and Mattyw begins to ask friendly, completely non-suspicious questions about House Lugus. {Persuasion, Convince, 22, Success x3}

The Prince's Tourney: Arrival at Sunspear
The Threefold-Gate, Accomodations, and a Wild Hunt

The riverboat’s pace is slow but steady, and the Orphans pole their way up to the docks at Sunspear that evening. The sun is nearly setting, well on its way down toward the horizon, and the high tops of the city’s great buildings gleam in the red light.

The party – Errik Corinthyen, his sisters, Janessa and Janeria, their House’s retainers, Areon Grael, Giselle Montkillier, Mattyw Lews, and Maester Lagorio, the representatives of two of his House’s banner lords, Alexia Thracyen and Ser Brindon Lews (serving House Chalcy), and a traveling tinker named Rog Thanders, who played witness to some of the disturbing events of their journey – approach the Threefold gate.

The Prince's Tourney: The Vaith
R&R at Lake Chalcidy

The road to the Lakethorn from Dag’s Inn is neither long nor difficult, and time passes swiftly.

Along the way, Giselle shares the following information with the group:

“I gathered a bit more specific information at the inn about this Lugus situation. Near as I can tell, some of House Lugus’ smallfolk were attacked and killed by bandits about a week back. Young Adham Lugus and his men were able to drive them off, but the damage was done. In the battle, one of the bandits dropped a shield identical to those of the fairly well-known Hoplites. Others were seen to be wearing Corinthyen colors, and all were well-armed and equipped. House Lugus came through the night before, ranting about Corinthyen’s attack and waving the shield as evidence. Since they lack the military force to confront Corinthyen directly, they are taking the shield before the Princess as evidence of Corinthyen’s culpability in the attack.”

The Prince's Tourney: To Lakethorn and Beyond
Of a Feathered Ham, and Other Strange Doings

{First off, I need to know a few things: Where is everyone sleeping, and what are you doing with the prisoners overnight? Is someone watching them? Are you just tying them up in the stable? Buying them a room? Are you double-bunking? Toss me some details, and I’ll spin you a tale.}

The night is quiet and peaceful outside, despite the occasional voices drifting from inside the highway inn. Both prisoners are sound asleep, so far as Mattyw can tell, and he himself is drowsing a bit, staring up at the stars in the black velvet of the desert sky.

However, he is startled into wakefulness when the inn’s door swings wide open and knocks against the wall before slamming shut. A moment later, the man-shape that emerged resolves into the garrulous sellsword who’s been buying drinks inside all night. From Mattyw’s position in the stable, he can see the man weaving his way through the inn’s yard quite clearly while remaining hidden in shadows himself.

The Prince's Tourney: Dag's Inn
Lay your weary heads to rest...

Eventually the noise of the crows and the stench of the dead sinks back into the distance and fades into memory. The remainder of the day’s journey is quiet and peaceful – even Ser Anders doesn’t seem to have anything to say.

Shortly after nightfall, the travelers come across Dag’s Inn, positioned near a split in the road: the main fork continues straight on to the Lakethorn and the mouth of the Vaith, perhaps 5 or 6 hours farther on, while a fork branches off to the south, heading for Parth’s Pillar on the coast. The proprietors of the inn, commoners named Dag and Meg Moleskin, would be vaguely familiar to those who have traveled this way before. Dag’s a former sellsword who cooks with surprising skill, and bounces unruly guests just as efficiently. Meg seems to run the rest of the business.

The Prince's Tourney: On the Road [3]
Unexpected turnings loom ahead on a journey that has already begun to seem cursed.


The afternoon passes quietly, for the most part. The occasional small animal or bird whispers by in the hills, but the travelers remain undisturbed. As the sun grows heavier and the oppressive heat of day recedes, the stirrings of life become louder.

Giselle takes the lead of the small caravan again, grim faced, bow at the ready, muttering about how she doesn’t believe that there were just the four of them, scanning their surroundings, and listening to the interrogation hopefully progressing from behind. Alexia rides behind Errik, listening closely to the questions asked and answers given. Mattyw and the Maester ride along a bit further back.

Errik glances at Areon and clears his throat. “I think its best if you ask the questions.” He frowns a moment. “We should discover first if there are more of them.”

The Prince's Tourney: On the Road [2]
Having left the Sand Castle, the travelers must make good time on the next leg of their trip.

{First things first: marching order, please! Who is riding, who is walking, and how are you arrayed? Assume the road can comfortably fit 4 horses abreast.}

The late-afternoon sun is hot, but the heat is not so dangerous as it was earlier. The road has been well-kept up in this area, and is both wide and fairly level. The Sandstone hills, replete with tough desert vegetation – low-lying scrub brush, thorny trees, and brown grasses – and lounging lizards, surround you on all sides, and the road winds through them.

One of the reasons that the local bandits have been so difficult to root out in the past is that they could be hiding anywhere, and even light winds blow their dusty prints away within hours. Given the morning’s dark discovery, the tension on the roadway is palpable.

The Prince's Tourney: The Sand Castle Inn
Offering a haven from the hottest daytime hours and the depridations of the night, the Sand Castle Inn marks a waypoint on the road to Sunspear.

The Inn’s sandstone facade is a welcome sight as the midday hour progresses. The sun’s heat has grown nearly unbearable, silk clothes and linen head coverings or no. Travelers would do well to remember that Dorne’s great ally above has killed at least as many men as have her spears. Some icy water and a bit of wine would no doubt do wonders for everyone’s temperament at this point.

The Prince's Tourney: On the Road [1]
A prelude and a prayer.

Aengus and a dozen elite Hoplites left Skycrest just as the party from Thracyen returned, to take Janessa and Janeria to Chalcy lands, where they will await the rest of the party the next day. The rest of the Hoplites leave later the same day, to join Aengus in hunting bandits with Ser Chalcy.

The rest of the party, consisting of Alexia Thracyen, Areon Grael, Errik Corinthyen, Giselle Montkillier, Mattyw Lews, Corinthyen’s new Court Musician, and Maester Lagorio, departs well before dawn on the next day, largely on foot {excepting those of you who actually own your own horses}. What few horses the House possesses were all taken by the Hoplites for their use against the bandits.


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