The Days and Nights of House Corinthyen

A Time of Preparation
House Corinthyen makes itself ready as the tournament approaches.

Participating Characters: All

Some Father and Some Time Before the Prince's Name Day
Boys will play when the girls are away.

Errik Corinthyen seeks out his father to spend some time in conversation.

Trip to Liberty Hall: 2 Bows and a Family Reunion
A small party from House Corinthyen sets out for Liberty Hall, stronghold of House Thracyen, to collect two fine longbows for the Prince's Tournament.

Participating Characters: Alexia Thracyen, Giselle Montkillier, Areon Grael, Hoplites

There is only a week and a day left before the tourney and feast attendees must depart for Sunspear, and it is the wee hours of the morning, slightly before dawn, when the party traveling to Liberty Hall gathers in Skycrest’s courtyard. The high alabaster walls that surround the keep are barely visible in the gloom, and several of the Hoplites carry flickering torches. It will be a long day’s ride to the Thracyen stronghold, and they will need to seek shelter along the road during the midday hours, meaning they are not likely to arrive until nearly dark – or later, if they go gently on the horses.

Errik and Alexia: Intrigue After Drills
Alexia approaches Errik after evening drills one day, with a very specific goal in mind.

Particapating Characters: Alexia and Errik

Alexia and Errik have a conversation, walking the grounds from the practiec yard to the flower gardens.

{Conversation occurs out of earshot from the rest of the group.}

Two Requests from Lord Corinthyen: Aengus and the Prince's Gift
Lord Corinthyen has summoned Giselle and Errik to his solar for a brief conversation.

Participating Characters: Lord Corinthyen, Giselle, Errik, Areon

Alexia and the Twins: Afternoons leading up to the Prince's Nameday
Janessa and Janeria demand are quite jealous that Alexia will be traveling to Sunspear - they have never been more than a few days away from Skycrest.

Participating Characters: Alexia, Janessa, Janeria

New Finery For the Prince's Nameday
Giselle has decided that everyone should have new clothing to wear to the tourney.

Participating Characters: All, Seamstress

Practicing for the Prince's Tourney
This mini-scene covers the several mornings and evenings of arms practice leading up to the Harvest Feast and Prince's Tourney in Sunspear.

Participating Characters: All, Corinthyen Hoplites, Archers, and Guardsmen

A Royal Invitation
Dark wings, dark words, they say, but this raven brings glad tidings.

A warm breeze blows through the grounds of Skycrest, foretelling another hot day. Autumn may be coming to Westeros, but you wouldn’t know it here. Lower down, where the village of Ridgewood sits clustered around the Warded Well, a cool breeze might occasionally drift down the mountain side to offer some respite from the day’s heat, but House Corinthyen is above such small pleasures. It can afford to be.


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