The Days and Nights of House Corinthyen

Mattyw Lews: A Dream On A River
Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?

Mattyw comes to lying face down on a strangely hard surface. As he blinks his eyes open, he sees that the ground seems to be made of some kind of orange stone. As he groans and rolls over, he sees the the ceiling – or sky, or whatever is above him – seems to consist of a deep, murky blue color.

Reflections in an Oasis - 2
On the nature of religion

From the Journal of Mattyw Lews

I’ve sworn a few oaths in my day. Mostly, that I would never steal again, honest. Or that back to see her that evening. Of course, I have broken some of those oaths. I make no claims to being a good man.

Reflections in an Oasis - 1
From Pauper to... well...

From the Journal of Mattyw Lews

I woke up this morning for the first time in years, in a comfortable bed. … I must amend that. The first time I woke up in a comfortable bed that belonged to me. …come to think of it, my old best wasn’t all that comfortable. Not like this.

The Prince's Tourney: Opening Ceremonies
Let the Games Begin!

PRESENTATION OF ARMS: Errik, Janessa, and Janeiria Corinthyen

Errik and his sisters head off the the tourney fields to mingle with other highborn – it’s likely to be a long day, and a tiring one for Errik. The rest of the Corinthyen delegation head off on the day’s other missions, investigating the strange events that have taken place during their trip to Sunspear.

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
The Town Crier Presents the Official Schedule of Events

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

The Prince's Tourney: At The Greentree Inn
In which life continues to get interesting for House Corinthyen.

As Errik, Onri, Areon, and Giselle wander through the second district, trying to determine what inn they are at, Ser Brindon Lews hails them.

“M’lords!” he says, addressing Errik and Onri, “I had begun to fear the worst, and here you have been in a fight!” He gives Areon and Giselle – both of whom are uninjured and considerably cleaner – a sidelong glance. “Come, come, I will wake the Maester.”

The Prince's Tourney: An Encounter on the Docks
In which Lord Doryc's son arrives in the nick of time.

As Errik walks along the docks, his purchase tucked safely away inside his shirt, he becomes aware of footsteps on the boardwalk behind him. A surreptitious glance over his shoulder reveals two men perhaps thirty feet back. One is tall and whip thin, the other heavy-set, with the broad shoulders of an ox and a belly to match. Turning his eyes back forward, in the direction of the gate, he realizes that he is cut off in all directions: three more silhouettes wait just past the light of the next torch. To his left lies a short stretch of dirt and the city wall, and to his right, the Greenblood.

The Prince's Tourney: Areon and Giselle, Night One
In which they visit the Mothers of Mercy, to ascertain the truth behind Areon's "son."

Areon and Giselle, the boy Daro in tow, make their way through the streets of Sunspear in search of the Mothers of Mercy. After asking around a bit, and coaxing a few hints out of the boy, they find themselves in front of a ramshackle wooden building leaned up against the inside of the outermost city wall. The image of a smiling woman holding a child has been rendered on the door in charcoal. In the dirt of the street next to the door, a small girl plays with a doll and some splintered table ware – she appears to be serving an imaginary meal.

The Prince's Tourney: Errik, Night One
In which Errik follows his nose, wherever it goes.

{This section picks up from when Errik receives the ruby ring from Rog Thanders.}

The ring feels slightly heavy and faintly warm in Errik’s hand. The scents (and odors) of the nearby market stalls are strong and many, but he catches a sudden and powerful whiff of cinnamon and…something else. He can’t place it.

The Prince's Tourney: Mattyw, Night One
In which Mattyw goes clubbing, and puts his skills to use.

Mattyw’s performance at the Jade Spring is well-received by the crowd, and he finds a great many coins dropped into his hat, adding up in total to 5 silver stags. {Mummer: Persuasion, 27, Success x4, 1d6+3 SS}

After a half dozen songs and a full flagon of wine, Miss Kestrel’s tongue has been quite loosened, and Mattyw begins to ask friendly, completely non-suspicious questions about House Lugus. {Persuasion, Convince, 22, Success x3}


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