Banners of House Corinthyen

House Chalcy

Words: “Right Makes Might!”

Head of House: Ser Jaramy Chalcy

House Chalcy is the last remnant of a once-greater noble house formerly known as Chalcidy. With the fall of their former patrons, they have accepted service to House Corinthyen as a means to survive. Their army consists of four cavalry units, whose training comes mostly from hunting down bandits in the hills around Lake Chalcidy. Their stronghold is the Lakethorn, a near-unassailable stone tower in the center of the lake.

House Doryc

Words: “Standing Tall.”

Head of House: Lord Aerin Doryc

House Doryc, like many young houses, is only a few generations removed from being lowborn. Their loyalty and service has earned them ever increasing respect and honor from other minor nobles and their liegelord – most recently House Corinthyen. Lord Doryc was only Ser Doryc until he led his three fleets to victory against a much larger force of pirates and raiders ten years ago. The Dorycs are also much-loved by their smallfolk, and the town of Surehaven has been prosperous under their stewardship, thanks in no small part to the veteran garrison which defends it from Parth’s Pillar, a lighthouse-cum-tower on the coast.

House Thracyen

Words: “Justice Comes From On High.”

Head of House: Lady Verta Thracyen

Lady Verta Thracyen was born to an impoverished noble house, and taken as a ward by the Corinthyen’s former liegelord. Thanks to her ample social and leadership skills, Lady Thracyen was appointed to the stewardship of their lands from a young age and has only grown more adept in the years since. She was also a great friend to the Corinthyen brothers during their rise to power, and gained her own lands by way of thanks for her efforts on their behalf. Her archers are some of the best-trained in Dorne; any foe who attempts to climb the cliffs to Liberty Hall must be either very brave or very foolish.

Banners of House Corinthyen

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