Benefits of Fashion

High Fashion

Clothing is very important in Westerosi highborn society, as it is a primary means of showing off one’s wealth and power, no less than it is in our own world. While it is certainly to spend a lot of money on ugly clothing, in general more money means finer materials which means finer clothing, and that’s especially true in the case of gowns and other formal wear. When purchasing Courtier or Noble Garb, use the following chart to determine if it provides you with any benefits.

Cost Description Benefit
less than 10 ss You are either poor, common, or lack taste. Expect Dispositions to be one degree worse, or to suffer penalties to Persuasion, depending on the person and situation.
11-50 ss Finer than most common folk can afford, and generally acceptable among the highborn. Not eye-catching in any sense. You neither suffer penalties nor gain benefits from the quality of this clothing.
51-250 ss Typical party dress for the highborn, custom-tailored and designed to accentuate one’s natural assets. Add +1 to all Persuasion Tests where looking like a well-dressed noble is to your benefit.
251-1000 ss The clothing of the rich and powerful, fine fur-lined silks, bedecked with jewels, cloth-of-gold, and so on. Add +2 to all Persuasion Tests where looking like a well-dressed noble is to your benefit.
1001 or more ss Clothing fit for a king or queen – let your imagination sore. Anything is possible, if you have the coin. Gain +1B to all Persuasion Tests where looking like royalty is to your benefit.

Keep in mind that this is more of a general guide than a set of hard and fast rules. Sometimes looking good will work against you, and when everyone looks good, smaller degrees can make a difference, so keep track of just how fine your finery is, if you don't mind.

Situation-Appropriate Clothing

Sometimes a situation can call for a specific kind of dress, such as silks in Dorne to keep the heat off, furs in the North to keep it in, or fool’s motley to entertain. You can expect to gain from +1 to +3 on relevant Tests when you are appropriately dressed, or lose from -1 to -3 if you are particularly inappropriately dressed.

Benefits of Fashion

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