Bonus Points

A Few Rules

  • Use: Bonus Points follow all of the same rules as Destiny Points, except that once spent they are lost forever. They may also be spent in the same ways – I have reproduced the list below.
  • Maximum: You can’t have more than 5 Bonus Points saved up at any one time. Any you earn beyond the maximum are lost, so use ’em or lose ’em.

How Do I Get Them?

  • 1 Point: Write up an article for the wiki – in character, if you can, although it doesn’t have to be from your character’s POV. Consider writing from the POV of anyone who might have been living at the time, or make someone up. Don’t feel pressured, though; plain-jane encyclopedia articles are great, too, and often easier to read.
  • 1 Point: Keep a character journal. This can be public, under your own forum thread, or private, saved in its own GM/Player Secret Box on your character profile. Each entry nets you another point.
  • 1 Point: Set and achieve a goal for your character. A good goal should be challenging but attainable. Becoming Prince or Princess of Dorne is certainly a challenging and noble goal, but would have to consist of probably a dozen or more intermediate goals. Start with those intermediate goals first. Win an advantageous marriage, perhaps, or a strong alliance. Maybe try funding for a new Holding, or obtaining more Land.
  • 1 Point: Produce a piece of original art. A character portrait, banner art, a coat of arms, whether personal or for a House – all of these things enhance the wiki and bring the story to life.

How Do I Use Them?

  • Gain +1B. This die can exceed the normal limits on bonus dice.
  • Convert one bonus die into a test die.
  • Remove –1D.
  • Bestow –1D on opponent.
  • Take an extra Lesser Action.
  • Ignore Armor Penalty for one round.
  • Improve or worsen another character’s disposition by one step.
  • Negate another character’s use of a spent Destiny Point.
  • Add a minor detail to a scene, such as a shoddy lock, a minor clue, or another useful but small element that can move the story along.
  • Activate environmental quality.
  • Ignore environmental quality.


Why “Bonus Points?” Since this is an online game, we lose some of the tactile feel and immediacy that comes with role-playing face to face. When scenes, battles, and plots so easily stretch on for weeks or months, it becomes easy to lose the thread of the story, to forget where we are and why, and why it mattered in the first place. The wiki, the forums, and the Adventure Log will help us to keep hold of that thread and to keep the story going. But I can’t do it all alone, and this story is as much – or more – yours as it is mine.

Bonus Points are a reward for contributing to the wiki above and beyond the normal call of playing the game. Bonus Points spend just like Destiny Points, but once spent they are lost forever, like Destiny Points are when you burn them. They’re meant to provide a little boost here and there, to help you conserve your Destiny for more important occasions, and to help you triumph over lesser obstacles. However, it is not my intention that they become a vehicle for unbalancing the game, or for allowing any one player to outshine the others.

I think that’s enough explanation for now. Above are the rules for use and the ways you can earn yourself a Bonus Point. If you scrolled down here to read this nonsense, you’re either awfully kind for indulging me, or need another hobby. Both?

Bonus Points

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