Daeron I Targaryen

This stained and tattered letter was received by raven in Sunspear. Shortly after, the writer vanished from King’s Landing entirely.

“It is no longer safe to stay in King’s Landing. The King’s brother suspects me, I’m certain. Though I blend with the court as well as any man, he watches me like the hawk watches the scorpion. He merely waits for a false move on my part, and he will strike.

What I know of the King’s eldest son through my time at court is laughably small. His father keeps him behind the walls of the Red Keep, far from any prying eyes. Rarely does he attend court, so much of what I have learned was second hand knowledge. It was good fortune, then, that Aegon held an uncharacteristic tournament in honor of his son’s ninth nameday. It pains me to tell you in one day I learned more than all the rest of my time in this most wretched of cities.

They say that the Targaryen’s dragons died out some years ago. I say this is not so. For in King’s Landing there is one creature who can yet claim the base cunning and violent nature of the ill-bred beasts.

The barbarous self-styled ‘Lords’ of the Conqueror’s Kingdom are already taken to styling Daeron Targaryen as “The Young Dragon”, though he is barely nine years old. This is no mere flattery. Were I any other than your faithful servant, I would call my own words lies, but I witnessed myself the child dispatch two grown knights on the day of the tournament

Daeron I Targaryen is the Lord of Summerhall and Dragonstone, and the Heir to the Iron Throne of Westeros through his father, Aegon III Targaryen. He has none of his father’s timidness, and has been given the finest Maesters of Oldtown to instruct him in the Arts of War. By all accounts he is a ravenous and attentive student. His instruction must be fine indeed, for never would I have guessed the day would come that facing such a youth in battle would give me pause.

His claim is all but unquestionable, ruling out the prospect of casting doubt on his legitimacy. He is of strong Valyrian stock, his mother being of House Velaryon of Driftmark, and he bears all the typical physical traits of his Targaryen father. While I cannot attest to such things, the Court says the boy is a handsome youth. He is much loved by the smallfolk; he already shows signs of being more well received amongst the Westerosi than his dolorous father ever was.

Know that I will serve you until my last breath."

Daeron I Targaryen

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