House Corinthyen

Minor House of Dorne

Lord Aelius Corinthyen
Lady Edana Corinthyen
Aengus Corinthyen
Errik Corinthyen
Janessa Corinthyen
Janeria Corinthyen
A squalling babe, not quite a year of age.

Alexia Thracyen

Castellan Giselle Montkillier
Steward Otto Purser
Maester Lagorio
Master-of-Arms Areon Grael
Master-of-Horse Doran Equerry
Hunt-Mistress Mara Chaser
Master-of-Kitchens Heward Burns
Blacksmith Blake Carver

Defense – 25
Defensible, with at least one fortified town or castle. Roads and trails are present, and rivers or ports are likely.

Influence – 21
A small minor house. Examples include House Mormont and House Westerling.

  • Lord Corinthyen’s Status is 4.
  • One heir may have Status 3.

Lands – 36
Mountains (9): The Teeth

  • Hamlet (10): “Ridgewood”
  • Road (5)" “Sand Saddle Way”
  • Stream (1): “Stone Brook”

Plains (5): “The Farstrider Plains”

  • Ruin (3): “Oldkeep: A stone holdfast of the First Men, with an uncarved Weirwood in its heart.”

Law – 22
The typical level of Law throughout much of Westeros. Crime is common but not out of control.

  • -2 on House Fortunes

Population – 30
Typical population. Most smallfolk live on farmsteads or in hamlets, but you might have a couple of small towns and a community around your primary fortification.

  • +1 on House Fortunes

Power – 55
You can muster a huge force of soldiers, drawn from your lands and those from your numerous banner houses.

Wealth – 33
Prosperous. Your family has the funds to live in accordance with their station.

  • Mine (10): +5 on House Fortunes
  • Maester (10): +3 on House Fortunes
  • Artisan (10): Blacksmith – weapons forged in your hall are Castle-Forged

House Age: New; History: Villain, Favor, Treachery

Total House Fortunes Bonus: +7

House Corinthyen

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