House Jasper

Banner of Lord Allyrion of Godsgrace

Words: “No Debt Unpaid”


  • Lady Thena Jasper
  • Lord Beric Jasper
  • Asna Jasper, Heir to Flag’s Bend
  • Ebram Jasper, Youngest child and son of House Jasper
A Brief History

House Jasper has had a short but tumultuous history. It was born 30 years ago, when the first Ebram Jasper, then a guardsman serving the Prince, went above and beyond in thwarting an assassination attempt. He was rewarded with land and titles, which went a long way toward paying for the hand he lost.

Some 10 years after that, a son of House Jasper earned them some notoriety by being exiled from Dorne, although his crimes were never made public. Around the same time, another son of Jasper earned a great deal of glory and renown for fighting alongside Rhaenyra Targaryen. The house prospered thanks to his reputation, despite her eventual defeat.

Most recently, a lesser branch of Jaspers attempted to seize control of the south bank and declare themselves an independent house. Unfortunately for them, Lady Thena did not see things their way, and she ended up sending four of her cousins to The Wall and exiling two others.


  • North Bend Tower: Guarding the northern shore of the Flag’s Bend Ferry and the hamlet of Flag’s Bend, this tower is the seat of Lady and Lord Jasper.
  • South Bend Tower: Guarding the southern shore of the Flag’s Bend Ferry, and the northern branch of the Sand Saddle Way, this tower is held by Asna Jasper.


  • House Jasper is well known in central Dorne, and holds no small amount of influence over goods being shipped east along the Scourge.


  • House Jasper has towers guarding the plains and hills to either side of the Scourge at Flag’s Bend.


  • Like most houses in central Dorne, House Jasper is regularly troubled by bandits, river raiders, and smugglers.


  • House Jasper controls the hamlet of Flag’s Bend, and a goodly number of farmers, merchants, and artisans also look to them for protection.


  • 2x Tower Garrisons
  • 2x units of Archers
  • Lady Jasper’s Personal Guard


  • House Jasper is quite affluent, thanks largely to the iron mines on the south side of the river. They are also known to employ a Maester and a Master Mason.

House Jasper

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