House Lugus

Banner of Lord Uller of Hellholt

Words: “Eat Bitter, Grow Strong”


  • Lord Alfric Lugus, 58, an old man, aged beyond his years by countless misfortunes
  • Iris Lugus, 18, eldest surviving child and heir to House Lugus
  • Adham Lugus, 16, youngest child and son of House Lugus
A Brief History

House Lugus was once a banner of House Corinthyen‘s former liegelord, and was both prosperous and strong. During the conflict which led to Cornthyen’s rise, they played both sides, and came out much the worse for it – their apparent disloyalty led the Princess to grant some of their holdings to Houses Doryc, Corinthyen, and Hellholt, and two of the current Lord’s elder brothers died in the confusion. The only bright part was that they became an independent house, sworn only to the crown in Sunspear – unfortunately, this also left them without allies.

Several years, a conflict with House Hellholt over the redrawing of maps and distribution of lands turned violent, and when the dust settled, House Lugus had lost another lord and three more heirs, not to mention lands, power, influence, and independence. Lord Alfric, the current Lord, bent the knee and became a sworn vassal of Hellholt.

The gods were not done there, however. The keep at Melagrana Hill had been badly damaged in the conflict with Hellholt, and Lord Alfric did not have the finances to repair it. Ten years ago, one of the towers collapsed, killing his wife and eldest son, a boy of 12 at the time, as well as several servants and guardsmen. Lord Alfric was left to raise his remaining daughter and son on his own. Since then, their lands have been struck by famines, storms, and all manner of ill luck.

Recently, in a desperate attempt to salvage their finances and rebuild their house, Lord Alfric promised the hand of his daughter to Ruben Piper, a baseborn merchant, old, fat, and considerably wealthy. Six months into the engagement, however, Iris Lugus disappeared while riding, and is believed to have been kidnapped, although no ransom note has been forthcoming.


  • Keep at Melagrana Hill – recently repaired with Ruben Piper’s money, the Keep is reported to look as strong as ever it was.


  • House Lugus is generally of little consequence, having been stripped of many of its most valuable holdings over the last 20 years. However, they still control some arable land along the shore, and are well-known for their pomegranate orchards.


  • Hills: Melagrana Hills: Keep, Hamlet (Pickerston), Stream, Road (Sand Saddle Way, running along the coast from Parth’s Pillar)
  • Plains: Melagrana Point: Stream, Coast


  • House Lugus’ long troubles have left them open to raids by bandits and pirates alike, although the influence of Lord Doryc’s fleet, and the strength of House Hellholt have lessened these troubles somewhat.


  • House Lugus has few smallfolk under its protection – the village of Pickerston, and scattered farmers along the Point.


  • Trained Garrison
  • Sand Steed Cavalry


  • House Lugus is nearly broke, by all accounts.

House Lugus

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