House Thracyen

Banner of Lord Corinthyen

Words: “Justice Comes From On High”

Lady Verta Thracyen
Ser Alexandre Thracyen
Alexia Thracyen (A ward of House Corinthyen)
Alexia has several Aunts and Uncles, and a great many cousins.

Steward Darrin Marque
??, Septon of the Sept of the Crone’s Contemplation in the village of Prodigal
Ser Alexandre’s Concubine, a dark-skinned beauty from Sunspear

Defense: 22

  • Hall (20): “Liberty Hall”

Influence: 16

Lands: 26

Mountains (9): “Liberty’s Height”

  • Hamlet (10): “Prodigal”
  • Road (5): “Sand Saddle Way”
  • Stream (1): “Freeman’s Burn”

Law: 23

  • -2 House Fortunes

Population: 22

  • +1 House Fortunes

Power: 32

Wealth: 16

  • Sept (15)

House Thracyen

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