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It has been 151 years since Aegon conquered Westeros…

…but he did not conquer Dorne. Everywhere his dragons went, they spread fire and death, scorching armies and cities to the ground, but not here. The Dornishmen, rather than face certain death in open battle, chose a different path. While the Targaryen dragons struck for Dorne’s head, the Dornish serpents struck at their heels. In the end, the land of mountains and sand was unconquerable, and Aegon the Conqueror retreated. The peace is ever uneasy, though, and the Seven Kingdoms of the Targaryens are always looking south, waiting for an opportunity.

The last dragons died ten years ago, and magic has faded from the land…

…and from the memories of its people. For decades, the power of magic has been weakening as the dragons weakened; now it is gone, perhaps forever. Children born today are born into a different world than were their parents. The blood of the dragon may yet reign in King’s Landing, but their power is now longer backed by flame.

A new age has dawned in Westeros, and the game of thrones continues…

Aegon III Targaryen, called Dragonbane, has sat the Iron Throne since the terrible Dance of the Dragons, and Arianna Martell reigns as Princess of Dorne in Sunspear. Though they have maintained the peace so far, skirmishes and raids are more common than ever on the Dornish Marches, and the end of the dragons has aged Aegon beyond his years. His heir and firstborn son Daeron I Targaryen is a renowned warrior, and the unending rumors of war grow only louder and grimmer.

Winter is coming.

The Maesters of Oldtown have declared that another long summer is at an end. Autumn is here, and even in Dorne, the land of sun and spear, the noble houses must make their preparations. Although no snow will fall in the desert plains of Dorne, the days will grow cooler as the nights lengthen, and crops will be more scant than ever. As the Starks of the North might say, Winter comes to us all.

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