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Recent updates have taken place. Here’s a summary:

I’m leaving this link to the Interactive Character Sheet up for the time being, because it’s just that handy.

If you get bored or have free time, you can also feel free to toss up any wiki summaries of important people, places, or etc in Westeros for easy access later. I’ll try to add Bonus Points already earned to character profiles on a regular basis. If you want to make it easy for me, make a list of what you’ve done to earn them, and PM me.

From the Lands of Corinthyen and Her Banners

Lord Corinthyen’s second son is journeying to Sunspear along with several companions to compete in the Prince’s Nameday tourney.

Two knights and their squire, all sworn to House Lugus, have been discovered dead along the Sand Saddle Way, less than a day from Skycrest.

Representatives of the Houses Thracyen, Doryc, and Chalcy will travel to Skycrest two months hence to attend a Harvest Feast. Some of the harvest will then be added to Corinthyen’s own, and some will be sent to Chalcy’s Lakethorn for shipment down the Vaith to Sunspear.

House Chalcy is frequently targeted by bandits, who have stolen a fair portion of food, gold, and arms over the last few years. They seem to grow ever bolder, despite Ser Jaramy’s frequent cavalry forays into the surrounding hills. Houses Corinthyen and Thracyen have dispatched soldiers to aid Lord Chalcy in pacifying the countryside.

From the Region of the Sandstones in Central Dorne

Reports of trouble between House Lugus and House Corinthyen are beginning to spread. The stories and accusations include tales of murdered farmers, mutilated knights, insinuations of kidnapping, and worse.

The banners of the Sandstones – poor landed knights, newmade nobles, and minor houses – are gathering the traditional Autumnal harvests for transport to the Greenblood and on to Sunspear.

In a bit of a scandal, one House Lugus of Melagrana Hill, on the southern coast, seems to have lost track of a daughter who was promised to a wealthy merchant. Though poor, they have promised rewards to the one who can return her, possibly including her hand in marriage.

House Jasper, of Flag’s Bend along the Scourge, is pleased to announce the majority of Ebram Jasper, their second son.

Raven’s Tales

From Elsewhere in Dorne

Princess Arianna Martell’s eldest child, the young Prince Oberyn Martell, will be celebrating his nameday in a few weeks. At 16, he will be a man grown. In honor of his majority and to celebrate the first harvests of Autumn, a great tournament and feast has been announced, and all the noble houses of Dorne invited to attend.

The Marches are as bloody as ever. Word is that House Caron of Nightsong is feuding with Horn Hill over a series of “bandit raids.”

From the Seven Kingdoms and Beyond

The Maesters of Oldtown have decreed an end to summer, and autumn is upon us. Many changes often come with the shifting of the seasons, even in a land of endless sun.

Word is that Aegon III Targaryen, called Dragonbane, has sent several mages across the narrow sea in an attempt to hatch some of the few remaining Dragon eggs. No eggs have hatched in several decades, but perhaps these mages will find some lost wisdom in the strange cities of the far East.

The Reach Lords, in their desperation, have sent yet another petition to King’s Landing for a royal offensive against the Dornish Marches. Let them beg for mercy!

The Night’s Watch, as ever, petitions all men great and small to consider joining their brotherhood. The Shield That Guards The Realms Of Men has been in decline for long centuries, and fears it may have to abandon yet another castle this winter if it is not reinforced.

The Days and Nights of House Corinthyen

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