The Days and Nights of House Corinthyen

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

The Town Crier Presents the Official Schedule of Events

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!

This very day, as many of her honored guests are yet arriving, Arianna Martell, the first of her name, Lady of Sunspear, Blessed Defender of the Dornish Marches, High Protector of the Sea of Dorne, Invincible Mistress of the Summer Seas, Princess of Dorne, cordially invites all citizens great and small to partake in the festivities now ongoing within the city itself and on the tourney greens.

At 2 in the afternoon upon the morrow, the Princess herself and her noble son, Prince Oberyn, will wait in the royal pavilion upon the tourney green to receive the official presentation of arms and to call upon the Warrior to bless all of the competitors.

Immediately following, and continuing until 6 in the evening, the names, titles, and ranks of all competitors must be entered into the lists and verified, so that the tournament may proceed post-haste.

Beginning at 7 in the evening that very night, the Princess has invited all those of noble station, and their guests and entourages, to feast in the Tower of the Sun in celebration of the Prince’s sixteenth Name Day. In his honor, there will be sixteen courses, the sixteenth consisting of sixteen dessert offerings for your dining pleasure.

Additionally, the Prince has decreed, with his royal mother’s blessing, that there is to be a musical competition, beginning with the welcome feast, continuing each night until the Grand Ball and Farewell Feast. Each entrant must be sponsored by a noble patron, and the winner will be selected with the aid of general acclaim, by Prince Oberyn himself. The Princess, as an incentive to skilled bards and to ensure that the contest does not lack for talent, has decreed that the winner receive 250 Golden Suns.

The tourney itself shall commence at noon the next day, when the first lances are lowered in the jousting competition, which shall continue for as long as the light allows. A feast upon the green will follow.

The joust will continue the next day as well, again beginning at noon and continuing until nightfall. A feast upon the green will follow.

The initial eliminations having been completed by this time, the joust will continue the next day at noon, and proceed until nightfall, with a short break beginning at 2 in the afternoon and continuing until 3. During this time, all are invited to observe the first round of the archery competition, open to all citizens of Dorne, which shall commence promptly at 15 minutes after the hour and continue until 15 minutes prior to 3. A feast upon the green will follow at nightfall.

The schedule for the next day will be identical to the prior – jousting, the second round of archery, more jousting, and another feast.

There will undoubtedly be some excitement on this day, for at noon we will see the semifinal rounds of jousting that will reduce the field from 16 to 4 competitors. Following this, the final round of the archery competition will conclude, the winner to receive 500 Golden Suns.

This day marks the culmination of the Prince’s Tourney. First, at noon, two jousts will reduce the field from four to the final two, who will compete for the title of Jousting Champion, the sum of 1500 Golden Suns, and the right to declare the Tournament’s Princess of Love and Beauty. Before that final joust, however, the field will be cleared for the Grand Melee, in which the fiercest warriors in the realm will do battle for the honor of Melee Champion and the prize of 1000 Golden Suns. Following the Melee is the moment that all have been waiting for – the final clashes of the Joust!

The three Champions will be presented to the Princess and Prince, and the Jousting Champion will declare the Princess of Love and Beauty by presenting the woman of his choice with a golden crown. The Princess will bestow the prizes earned upon her Champions.

At last, the tourney will conclude with the Grand Ball and Farewell Feast, an affair of such extravagance that the welcoming feast will appear pale and tawdry by comparison. All those of noble blood, and their guests and entourages, are invited to attend.


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