Areon Grael


Areon Grael is a guarded man, that prefers not to talk about his past. When he was a young man, around 12-13, Areon was traveling just south of the Dornish Marches with his family, when they were set upon by raiders. The raiders killed them all and left them for dead, stealing what meager belongings they had. All of them except Areon. Through a cruel twist of fate, Areon had merely taken a blow to the head and had been knocked out. It was all a blur to him, except for the bandit leader’s face. The last thing he saw, as he heard the screams of his sisters, was a cruel smile on a twisted visage. Then darkness.

AreonWhen Areon finally came to, the crows had already started in on his father and mother. Angrily shooing them away, he saw his father’s broken sword laying next to him. Areon could stomach it no longer. He cried and retched until there was nothing left. Taking his father’s broken sword, the only tool he had left, he began to break up the wood of the broken wagon, building a makeshift pyre. Using the sword and a stone, Areon was able to get the pyre lit. He stood at the edge of the fire, even when the heat became unbearable he did not move. He allowed the heat to burn away the last of his youth, forging his resolve. With the face of the bandit burned into his memory, he vowed revenge.

Still, he was but a boy, armed with a broken sword. He spent a couple of years on the street, surviving mostly on his wit and willingness to work hard for pennies. When he had a roof over his head, it was a good day. Nearing his fourteenth birthday, luck was on his side though, after helping out a blacksmith whose wagon had overturned. Master Aramil realized Areon wasn’t just a street urchin, that he had potential. He offered him a roof and an apprenticeship. After a couple more years, Areon was strong and healthy once again. But he had never forgotten the bandits who had taken everything from him.

He was finally given permission to work on his own project, so he decided that it was time to claim his vengeance. He brought out the broken haft of his father’s greatsword, and reforged it with his sweat and tears. Now 17, Areon knew that he could put it off no longer. He thanked Aramil for all his kindness. He set out to track down the bandits that had killed his family. Traveling around the Northern reaches of Dorne, Areon started developing a name for himself as a bounty hunter. Still the leader eluded him.

Over the next couple of years Areon made a little bit of money and improved his fighting skills while making the land a little bit safer. When he was 22, Areon heard of a tournament being held by a relatively new house, House Corinthyen. Thinking this was his chance to gain some recognition, Areon sold his last remaining possessions just to get a horse to get to the tournament.

Areon handedly won the tournament, winning it with his father’s sword, Sandstorm. His prowess impressed the lord Aelius, who invited Areon to become a member of his house as a hedge knight. It has been 10 years since that day, and Areon has been trusted with the position of master-at-arms. His one regret is that he has never been able to track down that bandit leader, he’s never forgotten, but he has moved on, knowing that that is what his family would’ve wanted.

Areon Grael

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