Errik Corinthyen

The second son of House Corinthyen


Errik has spent all his 17 years in Dorne. He grew up amidst the turmoil that precipitated the rise of his House, and has has lived his entire life under the threatening shadow of invasion from the Dragon Kings to the north.

The second son of House Corinthyen prefers to escape conflict with swords undrawn, relying on his middling skill with words to get his way. He is no craven however, as willing to defend the honor of his house as any bold Dornishman.

He is trained in the use of the Spear, a traditional weapon amongst the Rhoyne. In truth, though, he is no great fighter; his father has gone so far as to press him into training with the Corinthyen Master-of-Arms, if only to keep his second son from bringing shame to the House in the battles that are doubtless to come.

While he has value to his house should any ill befall his elder sibling, who stands to inherit the House, his place in Skycrest is more similar to a Westerosi lady than warrior-son. Because of the Dornish peculiarity of equal primogeniture, Errikā€™s chances of becoming Lord of any house but his own are slim at best. His true value lies in his potential to marry into another House, preferably one lead by a noble and eligible Lady, and tie it to House Corinthyen.

Errik Corinthyen

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